Your potential customers spend more time with Radio during the hours critical to retailers (6 AM to 6 PM) than with any other medium. Radio gets almost as much time with consumers as newspapers, television and magazines combined.

Your customers wake up to Radio, listen while driving to and from work, listen during the workday, and take Radio with them on weekends.

With Radio , you have the last "word" with consumers en route to make a purchase, allowing you to influence final buying decisions.

With Radio, you can target everyone, including busy, on-the-go people. You can target your customers by age, gender and lifestyle. Shows about Lifestyle, Music, Entertainment, Shopping, Travel, Local interest and many other topics all have unique audiences.

Your Radio message is forced into the minds of consumers, weather they want to hear it or not. They can and do avoid the newspaper advertising of stores they do not patronize. On Radio, you are talking to potential consumers before they realize it. That is why Radio is the best way to recruit new customers.

Your Radio message has the added impact of the endorsement, actual or implied, of a personality they like. Someone besides you is recommending your offer.